The most sophisticated cyber threat monitoring on the planet, made simple.

After years developing security tools inside some the most complex environments in the world, we’ve designed the final cyber security solution: powerful enough to protect entire countries yet tailored for small and medium businesses like yours.

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Products Designed for mid-sized companies, powerful enough to protect big business.

Field Effect software is designed for modularity, simplicity and effectiveness to help you operate a more secure and resilient network.

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Identify cyber threats and reduce vulnerabilities with most powerful cyber security on the planet.

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Build and operate sophisticated and responsive training and simulation environments with the click of a button.

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Sophisticated infrastructure provisioning and test case execution.

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Security is complex but your toolkit doesn’t have to be – clarity and simplicity is as important as the cyber security technology and techniques we build into our products and services.  Our aim is to solve your issue as easily as possible, and leave you feeling more capable and confident about your network, people, and processes.

Managed Cyber Security

Access best-in-class technology and cyber security analysts with a turnkey solution.

Secure IT Operations

Improve your network health and hygiene, understand its behaviour: improve your security and strengthen business operations.

Forensics & Incident Response

Quickly identify, isolate and resolve cyber security incidents.

Simulation & Training Environments

Quickly and reliably design, build and tear down even the most complex environments inside our powerful simulation platform.

Software & System Testing

Use Noble to improve your company’s testing automation and save time and money.

About Field Effect From the people who helped shape Canada’s national cyber security strategy.
Yes, really.

Meet the Team

Field Effect was founded by world-class cyber security experts after years of research and development. The team is a uniquely skilled blend of talents whose roots in cybersecurity reach beyond the emergence of even the earliest advanced persistent threats.

Our clients benefit from the work of the brightest talents in the industry who have decades of experience in some of the most secure, complex and fast-paced security environments in the world. Field Effect’s leadership team is comprised of seasoned technical veterans who bring not only years of operational experience, but who have also helped shape Canada’s Cyber Security Strategy and other national-level cyber security policies.

“If you need help with cyber security, this is your team”

Shane Parrish 
Founder, Farnam Street Blog

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Field Effect Cares: Supporting the Front Line through the Pandemic

The increased risk of cyber-attack has become a serious problem around the world as governments and organizations – including healthcare institutions – have found themselves in relatively new territory as a result of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials...

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