29.10.2020 Field Effect Cares: Supporting the Front Line through the Pandemic

by Ben Waldman

The increased risk of cyber-attack has become a serious problem around the world as governments and organizations – including healthcare institutions – have found themselves in relatively new territory as a result of their response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Officials have reported that cyber criminals are actively targeting and attempting to take advantage of any weaknesses that may be a result of the rapid expansion of technology resources.

Field Effect Cares, is a program that was developed to support and protect healthcare and education facilities during this critical time.

The initiative provides a no-cost Covalence MDR coverage (Cloud, Network, Endpoint) to qualifying healthcare organizations. The Field Effect team also reviews the threat surface or footprint of qualified medical facilities for a high-level report on their vulnerabilities.

Interested organizations should contact Field Effect Software at fescares@fieldeffect.com


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